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How much does a bath remodel cost?

Just like every customer and project is different and unique so is every budget. Regardless of how small or large your budget is, our showroom consultants will work with you to get you the look you want. Print our project planning guide and bring it with you to your appointment. We’ll identify your style and show you all your options.

Do I have to hire a contractor?

Although it’s not necessary, hiring a professional can make your project run smoother and might save you money in the long run. A licensed contractor or plumber can help you avoid costly home improvement pitfalls and drawbacks.

If I order something, how long does it take to arrive?

Lead time varies by manufacturer, with 2-3 weeks being the average lead time. Fortunately we stock many items if you need something now. Additionally, we stock most of the rough-in items you need to get the project started so you won’t delay your schedule.

I want to update my shower faucet, but I don’t want to tear into the wall. What are my options?

Depending on the age of the faucet, you may be able to update the trim without changing the valve. Bring us a picture of the faucet and the brand name and we’ll tell you your options.

My faucet is leaking…do I have to replace the whole thing?

Depending on the age and type of faucet, you may be able to repair it although you will be surprised at how affordable a new faucet can be. Take a picture of the leaking faucet and come see our parts counter or visit to see replacement options.

My kids broke the toilet seat. I can’t find a matching one anywhere. Can you help me?

We have access to over 90 different toilet seat colors so chances are we may be able to help you. Visit us for details…by the way, it’s not necessary to bring in the broken seat, a picture will suffice

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